Living, working, and growing old in Dublin, Ireland, has become more exciting. The City council of Dublin presents you with a proposition that offers you a new lease of life in an exciting new discount scheme for the elderly in Dublin called Passport for Leisure.

If you are 55 and over, this post explains how you can enroll in the Dublin Council’s program and start enjoying free services and discounts.

Live a More Exciting Life

Your growing old gracefully is not a crime, which is why the Dublin city council is celebrating your young age starting from age 55. The program brings you opportunities of having a more active and enjoyable lifestyle, thanks to the Lord Mayor’s ingenuity.

You could have your Passport to Leisure, to live life at its fullest in Dublin, the pulsating Irish City.

Benefits From your Passport

The fact that you are growing older should not be the reason to slow down, but it should be the right time to be more daring and enjoy the abundance of diverse possibilities in Dublin.

Besides, your passport offers you the key via a discount card to unlock a wide array of free leisure opportunities and discounted services in this thrilling city of Dublin.

Additionally, you could get discounts from all services provided in Dublin City with an annual membership subscription of only €10.

RTE Radio 1 Broadcast for Seniors

If you need further proof about what the Passport for Leisure program could do for you, tune in to the live radio broadcast at RTE Radio 1 and listen to what your fellow seniors say about it.

It doesn’t matter if you love sports or enjoy other hobbies, or you are a teacher or performer, this passport offers you the chance to try new things using the massive directory of sports and services at your disposal. Be inspired to soar and live limitless energetic maturing years.

The Wide Range of Activities You Could Love

There are hundreds of leisure ideas and experiences awaiting you once you obtain the Passport for Leisure. The opportunity could be a way of unlocking that intense yearning in your heart all these years to participate in specific hobbies and recreational sports.

You could get discounts on many products and services that include:

  • Dining out;
  • Pitch & Putt;
  • Swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • Golf;
  • Travel;
  • Theater and Cinema;
  • Music;
  • Arts & Crafts;
  • Shopping;
  • Sports Halls and Gyms;
  • Cultural events.

As you can see, the array of activities you can participate in are countless.

How do I get a Passport for Leisure application form?

I know you are enthusiastic about this fantastic opportunity to live a more reinvigorating life. Here is how to get the form right now through these methods below.

Request for the application form straight from the Passport for Leisure office through the telephone number 01 618 500 400.

Visit the closest district of Dublin City Council office, Leisure Center, or Library to get the form.

Download an application form online by logging on to the website

Lastly, send an E-mail to [email protected] to ask for more information about the program and get a form.

Payment Methods

Just as it is a chance for better leisure time, you have easy and accessible methods for paying the €10 annual fee and sending it with the completed application form through the post office.

First, obtain the application form, fill it with your details and write the check or Postal Order payable to Passport for Leisure Scheme, First Floor 60 Grand Canal Street Upper Dublin 4.

You could also make payments using your debit card or credit card subject to a booking fee of €0.50c per application. It is your city, enjoy your life, live it to the maximum in Dublin.

What are the Term and Conditions?

As a law-abiding public organization, Dublin City Council will use the information that you put in the application form to manage your membership in the program.

Accepting the term of use before submission will enable you to receive additional information from the program managers about any new products and services, you can enjoy from the Council or its Associates. You can opt-in for this additional info by ticking on the box meant for it in the form.


As of January 2019, the council stopped processing new online or postal applications for Passport for Leisure. Existing members will enjoy their services until the card expires.

Get up-to-date information from the Facebook page, and if you are over 60 years of age, lookout for a replacement card soon.